Today I Sold My Dad’s Car – Written Saturday 8th February 2020 (Aged 44)

Today I Sold My Dad’s Car

i sold my dad’s car today
it has been more task to do
one more piece of, ‘sadmin’,
to complete since he died
i sat inside,
and it smelt like all his cars had
it smelt of him
and many many childhood days
they had always smelled like that
since i was small, going back
when, in the 1970’s i sat in mum’s lap
i sat inside his car,
the driver’s seat was set for him,
as usual, reclined too far back
and the base too close to the pedals
i can see him, spindly legs,
bent forward hunched over the wheel
the car was set for him.
and as i sat in the driving seat
i was sat there in his car
with the smell, the seat and the pedals
the driving position, all meaning so much
when it was just pieces of plastic and metal
the things left behind,
and since he died, all the conflict
so many things that remind me
and today was so hard,
so desperately sad over a 2002 BMW
today i sold my dad’s car

James Garratt – Saturday 8th February 2020

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