Funeral Closes Another Chapter – Written Saturday 22nd February 2020 (Aged 44)

Funeral Closes Another Chapter

funeral closes another chapter
and grief finds another stage
another process,
and another place
the exhaustion is not exhausted
and the past, my past
is not pardoned, let alone exalted
a voice cries out
but i do not know its name
i know age grows around me like a tree
and its branches tell every one of my life stories
funeral closes another chapter
as his slumbers remind me of a dad
crying for a book never written
a place never found,
a play never acted,
and symphonies that never had sound
here i am,
grieving for a loss i do not understand
a father figure who never figured,
a relationship that downloaded
but not one that ever configured
and the lack of a helping hand
chase my memories back
to an austere garden gate,
the one that never quite closed
as it remonstrated with fate
funeral closed another chapter

James Garratt – Saturday 22nd February 2020

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