Do Not Call it So – Written April 2020 (Aged 45)

Do Not Call it So

this disease,
this infection, it is not fighting a war
people have not died,
because they could not fight no more
and people did not survive,
because are perceived –
as being, ‘strong’, or a ‘fighter’
or somehow, ‘tough’
and people did not die
because they did not fight hard enough
this is not a war,
and to call it so –
hides the truth of our rampant inequality
and socio economic forces
as wealth and economics
winds its deadly course
politicians talk of a, ‘battleground’
whilst they hum vera lynn
they of fighters and innate stoicism
and with a churchillian bravado
we will win…
meanwhile towerblocks and those small flats
vibrate and hum with social injustice
then the economically poor,
shuffling in queues,
wonder how long has fate shuffled for
they know that their is no privilege to their view
low earners and manual skills,
have no chance to work from their homes
this is not fighting a war.
it is when the horror of our social settlement
is finally bought home

James Garratt – April 2020

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