Feel Your Thoughts (Originally Untitled) – Most Likely Written December 1993 (Aged 18)

Feel Your Thoughts

if i could feel your thoughts
if i only i knew the answers sought
thena glorious love would be bought
i seem to running all the time
running from my dreams
because they make me so damn scared
running from a girl,
because she is a little girl who thinks i cared
running again and again
running because i think,
i am going insane
running because i cannot handle the stuff,
going on inside my brain
let’s the face world together
souls should, should be shared
hearts should care
surely that is why we are here
and surely that is why they are there
i will climb the stairs one day
and the landing light will be on
in one way, on the earth, i will be gone
no longer with it,
but my spirit lives on
like a song in the memory
of a free thinking human
wondering what has gone wrong
let’s dance,
to dance is to take chance
let’s chance it, the floor is ours
we have years, we have months, we have hours
let’s give it a whirl,
twirl, like a pirouette
go round and round because that is all we ever do
and me and you,
we do too

James Garratt – December 1993

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