Make Your Choices (Originally Untitled) – Most Likely Written December 1993 (Aged 18)

Make Your Choices

you can do what you like
as long as you think it is right
you can play the fame game
you can discover your mind
and gently go insane
take your path
make your choices
learn to turn off the voices
plaguing your psychic mind
win at everything you do
it is up to you
stumbling in the dark
eyes welded shut
that is how too many go on
do not wait too long
for things to run to you
run to them, grab them, while you can
because later on you will not understand
trees in the dark
become the obstacles in your path
it is only what you want to see
it does not have to last
you can have the last laugh
if you get on with the task
no good feeling down
look around, feeling sorry for yourself

james Garratt – December 1993

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