Across the Room (Originally Untitled) – Most Likely Written December 1993 (Aged 18)

Across the Room

across the room
you take another drag
you look out of the window in the room
two days ago,
i knew this conversation would be coming soon
you are trying to look sophisticated now
i am just a loon
i do not care anyhow
the silence speaks more volumes
than the words we shouted minutes ago
across the room
i hear the wheeze as you inhale
the atmosphere has gone funny
and the air is stale
let me get out of here
i have always run from confrontation
i do not want to be near,
i cannot stand the complicated situation
across the room
i wish i could you there
but i can’t,
and i cannot stand to be near you
i do not want anything more
i am leaving for good
we are not worth anything
once i walked out the door
you take another drag
and then you lose it on the floor

James Garratt – December 1993

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