All The Land and Oceans – Written Monday 3rd June 2013 (Aged 38)

All the Land and Oceans

love you incredibly
just untie the hands
that tie us all to the dock
that stop,
the flotsam of our lives
watch as parents,
tie the knots
known only to them
without clues
they leave us
with knots that cannot be undone
tied to a dock
in a place,
without valuable shops
love you incredibly
let’s hack, let’s cut,
these knots
so at life, we do have a chance
a memorable shot
and it is sad,
that childhood becomes a pot
one that empties too quickly
do not tie knots
that collapse in on us
in a way that means
we never set free,
and explore all the lands and oceans

james Garratt – Monday 3rd June 2013

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