This is Me – Written May 2006 (Aged 31)

This is Me

this is me,
here in ink
beautifully flawed
and destined to think
this is me,
this is who i am
all my happiest dreams
those things i do understand
and those i do not
this is me,
i wish i could tell you
of my reach for the stars
how i feel at this moment
the reflection of the past
this is me,
i am the selfish loner
without a thought for anyone else
relationships for anyone else
relationships breakdown
and that is sad,
everyone loses out
this is me,
far from perfection
but close to feeling at ease
this is me,
i am here now
sailing my imaginary boat
port to starboard
sometimes overboard but i still float

James Garratt – Wednesday 11th January 2006

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