Ideology (Originally Untitled) – Written Thursday 8th December 2016 (Aged 41)


capitalism, neoliberalism
the third way, thatcherism
call it what you will
ideology is what has failed people
leaving them so mentally ill
and the architects
of all these movements
the entwined lovers of free markers
they know it has failed
and that is why they are so busy
trying to convince us
it is not their fault
‘immigrants’, ‘welfare’, the, ‘disabled groups’
social care, the vulnerable
all are attacked and all are blamed
treated in terms of waste
as no more than an unwanted stain
reduced to unwanted false statistics
or a disputed claim
and right wing populists step right in
just to add their voice
just as other socio economic systems
have ultimately failed
from the teachings of marx
to the revolution of chairman mao
it is time to realise,
that we have been had,
promises of wealth have not materialised
trickle down economics has run dry
and the cruelty of hoarded wealth
has just made us cry
materialism and aspiration in a deadly duel
entitlement circles above
blows the fire and hurriedly adds fuel
but it is them, our, ‘political masters’
our corporate class, they are the ones to blame

James Garratt – Thursday 8th December 2016

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