The Truthful Confessor – Written Tuesday 6th December 2016 (aged 41)

The Truthful Confessor

‘social justice warrior’
one of those phrases
that like to much language
hinges on taking back
some, ‘power’
and in particular,
belittle others,
for whom, social justice
either completely matters
or, in terms of profession
it is their own bread and butter
and i spend so long,
for nothing
did i learn about social justice
for it to be devalued
by a group of uncaring people
with a penchant for non compassion
non questioning, non understanding
social justice is equality
it is opportunity, and you may argue
from a left or right perspective
but when it becomes an insult
a negative,
when the oppressed
become the oppressors
when will the quiet dignity
become a truthful confessor

James Garratt – Tuesday 6th December 2016

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