Compassion is Small Beer (Originally Untitled) – Written Monday 9th January 2017 (Aged 41)

Compassion is Small Beer

everyone is a hero now
a spokesperson –
for another lost generation
you will read what you want to read
and hear what you want to hear
truth is distilled
fermented by your fear
hate is chilled
and compassion is small beer
who wants to lead,
when compassion,
has suddenly gone out of fashion
and empathy has turned up late
who wants to row this boat
when the boat is full of sticky cake
who wants to que,
when it is all about the take
and never about the me and you
i can walk away,
with a certain amount of ease
i realised long ago,
we had been dragged to our knees

James Garratt – Monday 9th January 2017

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