Another Offensive Opinion – Written Tuesday 6th April 2006 (Aged 31)

Another Offensive Opinion

what most offended me
was the way you belittled,
his alcoholism…
as a simple symptom
of some condition
you poor deluded human being
you insensitive ignorant child
who stole all your understanding?
is a serious mental illness
that for the sufferer,
and people like us,
who have had to live with it
i can tell you about heartache
or watching someone you love
destroy themselves
and then they turn on you
his drinking was a social disease
so take your ignorance
arrogant, thick fisted nonsense
and just leave me alone
how dare you,
you have no idea of how it was
and no idea of the pain we all suffered
how dare you, tell us how it is

James Garratt – Thursday 6th April 2006

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