Every Day is a Bonus – Written Between February and June 1995 (Aged 20)

Every Day is a Bonus

you be better off, you could be worse
do not know what else to do
guess it is back to being a flirt
you had better watch out,
someone else might get hurt
i could never look forward –
to six months time
just taking from day to day
then i know everything is fine
it is nice if she decides to phone us
but i will not look forward to tomorrow
every day that comes, well that is a bonus
i will be living our relationship
day to day, if that is okay
and if we are still together tomorrow –
then that will be a bonus
i do not taking anything for granted
i just try to be grateful for today
and i learn to grow my crush
i do not look forwards to us –
being together tomorrow
if we are then that is a bonus
and something to treasure
and we have all got close these gaps
the ones that are so hard to measure
every extra day is a bonus
so i just take it as it comes

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