I Remember How You Made Me Feel – Written November 2013 (Aged 34)

I Remember How You Made Me Feel

i remember how you made me feel
committing my identity to an intolerable fate
acting as if it did not have its own free will

i have lived so many lives
so many people
fighting to remain honest deep inside
changing natures, changing times

you do not talk anymore
i think that is what people do
when they have made their bed
and chosen the type of glue
that they feel can stick together their own view
but i know, rightly or wrongly
you will always be there

i stockpiled my files
my cabinets and desks
find me a rescue remedy or a dream to let

i see the person, who in life has been hurt
i see the person,
and they have a blockage on their own self worth

James Garratt – November 2013

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