Scraping Claw – Written February 2010 (Aged 34)

Scraping Claw

the comments and hate –
disguised as poems, they have drifted away
i knew that they would stop passing anyway
the moment i left
what obsession drives them?
they paint the perfect picture
grimly clinging to a notion, yet,
knowing behind closed doors it is different
and failure always catches their breath
they hate me, that rejection,
scalding like hot water
let down and emotionally abused
i carry the tags of others
those always destined to lose
the comments and the digs
the belief that we are all autistic
the strange social jig
the marriage that is not what it was
as people search through scraps
looking for the reasons that they fell in love
the children becoming a glue
that can never really set or bond
and i judge, just as i have been judged
with the same narratives, the same spite,
same spit and spittle
because it is those,
that turn out to be so brittle
and now i have left, no spectrum of emotion
no picture of contours
no actual life elements and i can tell you,
i do not miss their scraping claw

James Garratt – February 2010

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