The Inevitable Journey – Written Sunday 22nd November 2020 (Aged 45)

The Inevitable Journey

it feels like –
we are travelling down a road
on a journey –
we started –
so time ago
and with so much promise
but we have gone from motorways
to dual carriageways
to b roads, then a roads
and now –
with no hope of turning back
we find ourselves on a narrow lane
which in turn, has become a track
and it feels like –
as a society
with our false narratives –
bundled into the boot
and our prejudice and false beliefs
strapped to the roof rack
it feels like we cannot turn back
that as our speed –
reduces to a crawl
and the light of our hopeful headlights
becomes so small
it feels like there is inevitability
to this this stretch, to this journey
as grass grows in the middles
of societies rutted track
a convoy of the mis sold and the stolen
driven to a dreadful place
and i wonder, is there any coming back?

James Garratt – Sunday 22nd November 2020

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