Own Yourself – Written November 2012 (Aged 37)

Own Yourself

some people do not seem to own themselves
they have never taken the journey
the one where we claim who we are
without owning ourselves,
we are left to live through others
a multitude of identities that never really fit
lack confidence, feeling awkward or ashamed
we need to own ourselves,
there is treasure to be claimed and it is our being
what nature intended us to be
and too many people have to fight for that
they are called awful names,
we are tagged and labelled by people
who have never claimed themselves
who have never claimed nor had the chance
to find out who they really are
some people do not seem to own themselves
and that is a shame, that is heartbreaking
with confidence and belief, life is there for the taking

James Garratt – November 2012

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