Growing Up – Written February 1993 (Aged 18)

Growing Up

growing up, it sure is weird
wouldn’t it be nice to disappear
anyone you confront, it’s two of the same
love and fear
wouldn’t be nice,
to forget your worries for a day or two
wouldn’t be nice,
if just for a while you could not be seen
because growing up, it sure is weird
and it is even weirder,
when you are an emotional teen
what am i meant to be?
a spirit wandering happy and free
or a media stereotype full of hype
is my vision,
meant to be blurred by peer group pressure
that i cannot see
or a new age traveller swigging cider
and growing a fantastic beard
is been a teen just confusing
or is the whole process of growing up,
just weird
it is everything i dreamed of
and yet, everything i feared
drugged up, spaced out, blood shot eyes
some kids see a strange route to adulthood
but why get there so soon?
out too late, tanked up to the brim,
are these just silent cries?
from the teens who sleep till noon,
growing up is so weird
trouble is, kids today,
they are expected to grow up so fast
sometimes it is far too soon
and all those fears turn to salt lake tears
growing up sure is weird

James Garratt – 1993

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