Scream and Shout – Written Saturday 29th October 1994 (Aged 19)

Scream and Shout

i talk about the things that affect me
and i that i hope affect you to
know, there is no need to worry
is this world of blues
i keep on reading books
and looking at the world around me
but still, i do not know what to do
somethings i never see
garden shaded trees protect me
but i have got to be free
for the sake of me and you
there is no easy way out
i hammer on the walls
i scream and shout and i still i know
she will never know what it is all about
i write about the things that affect me
i hope you get something out of them
the things i write when you read them
i hope you think it is okay to dream
and that somethings end
just as others begin
i hope you can find a special friend
who, in this eternal darkness
will hold your hand
i am a loner by nature, but i crave attention
a contradiction in terms, will i ever learn?

James Garratt – Saturday 29th October 1994

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