Sometimes – Written Saturday 29th October 1994 (Aged 19)


sometimes i would like to be
something else
because i do not know who i am
i would like to take a walk
in a surreal land
where the clouds rain dreams
i would like to be alone
with a thousand people by my side
i would like to see
all the bad people dead
unlike here, where they are alive
good people always die, why?
come along with me
there is no time to waste
if you want to,
now is the time to escape
the world goes round and round
just like everyone and everything on it
still, we stay rooted to the ground
we cannot fly, constrained by gravity
there is only ever a realism
only total surrealism
with total insanity
all the boys and girls grow
grow up playing games in the playground
i was like that, but soon i ran
and looked back on the school gates
i started thinking, growing up can wait
i am a child at heart,
i cannot be an adult, i cannot play my part

James Garratt – Saturday 29th October 1994

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