Lonely Old Man – Written Sunday 30th October 1994 (Aged 19)

Lonely Old Man

slowly i watched
as the rain dripped down
i turned my back and headed home
i unlocked the door, all alone
i had no dog to call my own
no friends to call mine
so i sat in the rocking chair
reading books and binding my time
still i watched, till i felt a presence
then the presence became clear
the presence was near,
the more i watched
the more that an image became clear
as it did, it fed on my fear
then it appeared and daytime disappeared
as we walked away to a new place
the presence had an aura, but no face
and as i left, to fly up to the sky
i looked around and realised
just what it is like to die
then down below a funeral materialised
in the churchyard i saw a women cry
as she stood by a freshly filled grave
i went down, through the air
just so i could take a look
when i looked at the headstone
upon it my names had been engraved
i had died a lonely old man
thinking there was no one
and all my life,
this woman had craved my love
and as i flew off to the other place
i knew i felt the same
i had tears on my face, but who is to blame

James Garratt – Sunday 30th October 1994

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