Almost Exactly – Written Sunday 13th November 1994 (Aged 19)

Almost Exactly

i could have tried
and i could have probably faked it
but my feelings would have lied
and i would have wished for more
i know, by losing you now
it is the best thing i could have done
believe me,
i am saving you so much hurt in the long run
i am trying to give you respect,
with a little honesty
and feeling special, well it is feeling special
you cannot feel, ‘half special’
it is like, ‘almost exactly’
it is a contradiction and it is not right
it is not reality, i would never fall for you
i am saving you from fragile me
i do not think you fell for james
i think you fell for the security
and i could have been anybody
you were looking for and need a somebody
but i did fall for something
that lovely childlike naivety
that is so special, it stops us being cynical
but unfortunately, it is a cynical world
that is what happens as you grow
you get cynical and it makes you old
children are young and in a way, free
adults are just mirrors
the self, themselves, it is all they see
you will learn and grow strong
it is how we go along, well, almost exactly…

James Garratt – Sunday 13th November 1994

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