Horror – Written Sunday 13th November 1994 (Aged 19)


the claws do come out
but i know,
cats do not really have nine lives
like us,
they die after just one
but the claws are out
so listen for the dead
they are always crawling about
they come out,
from the under the bed
to make you screams and shout
but it is okay
just turn off the light
and pull the bedclothes up tight
call for your mum,
even if she is way above
she will not stop
giving her love
and a parents love,
it should always be there
you should not have to ask
after all, you did not ask to be born
we just come out of the darkness
and into the dawn
sometimes, things do not look good
and they do not come right
even if one parent lets you down
you feel you do not deserve to be liked
but parents should always be there
and if they do not show they care
life becomes hollow and it becomes a horror

James Garratt – Sunday 12th November 1994

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