Critique – Written April 2021 (Aged 46)


as i look back
on what i wrote, all those years ago
i find myself, reviewing me
like some complicated –
and at times, not very good film
i pick over decisions
and people and events that have passed
and that reflection,
well eventually, it weighs upon me
and i feel parts of my mind stretched
it is east to feel blame or shame
you can easily forget, easily forget everything
back when, it was all so complex
but as i look back
my crippling lack of social sills
and my undeveloped ways
scream out at me
and i long to find a shelter
where i can quietly rage about my upbringing –
the people and how it left me so ill-equipped
i need some better hands
it is hard, so hard finding myself
offering up critique
on a life and life events that happened so long ago
before we had all melted into routines
when we were barely truly formed social beings
and it is hard, really hard
i am often caught by waves of regret
they hit me and they crash around me
and i step or stagger back, wrestling with reality
often feeling like a condemned suspect
in some island prison looking quite bleak
looking back and reading about me
I am offering up the most painful critique

James Garratt – April 2021

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