The Bandage – Written July 2010 (Aged 35)

The Bandage

you do not want to listen
because, to listen
means letting go
and undoing the bandage
that you tied so tight
around the wound
which for you has been
for sometime, weeping
do you never dream
and have trouble sleeping?
if you listened, really listened
how different things could be
that peace you seek
would be found and that is the truth
but you just pay lip service
you claim that we all –
think we are right
but that is not simply not the case
it is not about right and wrong
it is about not living in the past
living with guilt and shame
you do not want to listen
and that is your greatest loss
in days ahead when it fails to glisten
will you realise the cost
will you work out what is missing?

James Garratt – July 2010

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