Nights Close In – Written Wednesday 14th June 2000 (Aged 25)

Nights Close In

nights close in
summer takes my hand
there is heat in the sky
and the nights,
they drink me dry
the nights become light
five days of dreaming
so soon, work is leaving

nights close in
no more fear,
someone is near
then, as i jolt in my sleep
and i know,
the planes i travel to are infinite

nights close in
they do
and that’s where it begins
shadows, mirrors they come to me
and they are all the same
but, no one is to blame

nights close
my vanity but a meek shield
and bleak is the landscape
but the meadow is my home
nights close in
but i know, i will never be alone

James Garratt – Wednesday 14th June 2000

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