Into Your Own – Written Sunday 5th March 1995 (Aged 20)

Into your Own

do not let them take you down
sweet girl that comes out of the mind
do not turn her around
and do not push her away
pale blues images of an overcast sky
that lie on shattered glass in your thoughts
and you do not know why
looking outwards, but always inwards
going forwards when it is best to go back
living in fear of being attacked by cowards
mesmerised by others who do not care
push them away,
do not let them lie there
listening to music that means so much
holographic images that dance before your eyes
does it mean too much, or not enough
i do not need you, only your touch
push me away, do not let me stay
careful planning to achieve
but it only ends up broken
if you do not believe
do not let them take you away
just to leave you dreaming of outer space
as they cradle you like a baby
and read your sleeping face
do not end up crazy or all alone
just get out to another place
where you can come into your own

James Garratt – Sunday 5th March 1995

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