Coffee Spilt on the Floor – Written May 2021 (Aged 46)

Coffee Split on the Floor

it is not that i struggle with their death,
i mean,
the lifecycle is well documented
we understand its phases
what is left behind
is just coffee split on the floor
that feels hard to clean up
it feels like an assault course
perhaps too tough
it feels like play fighting
that has become too rough
it feels like a love
that has lost its loving touch
it feels like my leg is in plaster
but no one will give me a crutch
that is where i am left
and i can cope,
listen, i can even still crack a joke
and i still go to sleep waking up each day
but with them no longer here
i have heaps,
if not hills, perhaps even mountains
of unanswered questions
and they tumble down –
in a fast moving avalanche of fear
like twisted fan mail,
that no one can manage to reply to

James Garratt – May 2021

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