Candidate – Written Sunday 30th December 2001 (Aged 26)


not a thing changes
not when,
you are looking out of the window
it is the same,
mirrored reflections
scampering about –
scattered and with no direction
they would like a leader
but there is no one to stand in the election

not a thing changes
not for the people who just stare
and tell imaginary tales about others
pretending that they care
of course,
they would like to care
but they have spent years on the wheel
it means there is little there
and what is there to feel
is buried deep inside
and all the made up make-up
barely soaks up the tears inside

not a thing changes
when you have sold –
everything that you have ever had
when you have always sought the warmth
but you have only ever married the cold

James Garratt – Sunday 30th December 2001

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