My Train Never Came – Written Sunday 30th May 1999 (Aged 24)

My Train Never Came

they say that it is the way
and they say,
plan every day
so, i never got that job
and in turn,
my train never came
and it was me without a coat
when it first started to rain
i know all about what they say
it is all true
i will build you a car
i will build you an aeroplane
i will build you a human being
one, who is at least half sane
i will build you a ship
i will build you a rocket
i have never me the girl of my dreams
but then, my dreams are murky
and only semi real
they are less to do with the real world
and more to do with what i feel
let me build you a place to live
just let me inside so i can give

James Garratt – Sunday May 30th 1999

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