I Crept Out of the Door – Written Sunday 30th May 1999 (Aged 24)

I Crept Out of the Door

i crept out of the door –
and across the lawn –
at nearly ten past eleven
to me, it still like the dawn
i still needed to melt –
as if i was new born

i crept onto the road
and all those,
who are in the know
watched me come and go
i made my way home
i made it out of steady steps
and the feelings of being alone

i crept up my stairs
and dreams came like an eagle
dreams came swooping in pairs
i slept in my favourite room
and i awoke to find myself –
firmly placed in the afternoon
ah, the steady drum of human life
with an underlying creepy tune
i crept back out of the door
just like i had before

James Garratt – Sunday 30th May 1999

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