A Boy Behind the Glasses Blog: What’s in a Name? July 2021

What’s in a Name?

Creatively I am restless, you could say I am your classic, jack of all trades master of none, well apart of music, where I am literally, master of none.

But I tend to get restless (easily) and I constantly want to do something different, I marvel at myself when it comes to archiving my work here and the fact I have stuck with it.  But stuck with it I have and over time, I have refined details about how I present my work and that is important to me. I want my work to speak on many different levels and in different ways.  I am little surprised sometimes when I look at other blogs that the presentation isn’t more thought out.  It doesn’t have to be all singing or dancing but as someone who enjoys creating and the creative process, I am always look at ways of changing things or presenting things differently or understanding how things work.

When I first started with WP and publishing my work, it did a lot of the formatting for me, so if it was setting up my work with paragraph option, it would do the required HTML code for me.   Now I have to do an edit and add in the paragraphs and lines with the <br> code.  It is a little thing, but it adds time.  It’s probably a 10-minute timescale t upload, format and set out just two pieces of writing, it’s not quick and easy.  In another update, I will explain how I set out my work and the system I have for uploading my work, including I have I scan in and use the original pieces from my writing pads.

One thing I would like to change, well I say change cautiously, is the name of this blog, The Boy Behind the Glasses.  The Boy Behind the Glasses was a poem I wrote a couple years ago (it is uploaded here). It stemmed from being a child who was often defined by the fact I wore glasses.  In fact, I have worn glasses (not the same pair obviously) since I was three years old.  I have never know not wearing glasses and I can’t say growing up I was particularly picked upon for wearing them, but I was made to feel conscious wearing them.  There was the time in school when I had to sit at the front of the class with the other, ‘glasses wearers’ because it was assumed, we’d need to be closer to the blackboard.  Well-intentioned but it separated us and gave a sense of being different, which isn’t helpful (to say the least).  I always felt that glasses were part of my identity and they sometimes did define me and when I look at pictures of me when I am very small, I have these big thick glasses but I always think, hey there was boy behind them. 

When I was about 16 and then for a few years after, I would not wear them going out, even though I need to wear them all the time.  Maybe it was just vanity, but I was treated differently, without them and I felt I could almost be me; I could be the person behind them.   It shouldn’t be like that but that is how it was, so much in life is judged on how it appears, not actually how or who it is.  In fact, as I grew up, the aim was always to make my glasses less obvious, thinner frames, thinner lenses.  I was always told to take them off for photographs because my eyes are all over the place (I have no combined focus and binocular vision).   It wasn’t till got to my thirties that I made a decision to own this and worse much thicker framed glasses.  I have never minded wearing glasses, as I said, it is all I know but I decided I would be more confident with them.  And no, I don’t wear contact lenses, I did try, but really… I don’t want to put things in my eyes.

So, my blog is, The Boy Behind the Glasses but creatively I think, if only I had thought of something.  The one I really liked, and I am sure someone has used this was, ‘Writers Blog’, instead of, ‘Writers Block’, maybe?  I also thought about, ‘Nothing to Write Home About’, but in the end the hassle of changing it, knowing that actually I would become bored of that as well, means I won’t be changing it.  But I constantly shift and want to try things out

My restlessness is the reason I write so much, anyone who looks at my writing will notice I can write a number of pieces in one go, it’s a very productive way of writing.  It’s not about showing off, I just write when I am in that frame of mind.  I think another post I could do is to talk about my thoughts when it comes to creativity and our mental state.  I certainly like to move on quickly, one advantage of archiving ad writing the blog is that is has allowed me to revisit work many later and tidy it up, I’ve finally got round to making the changes.  I actually noticed with some poems, I’d missed lines out and I could tell this by the following line, even if I did not know the specifics of the missing line, I was able to add something back in.

What is amazing about any form of great creativity is that it is unique and represents the creator (not God, not that kind of creator!).   Isn’t that remarkable, the act of writing, painting, or music.  Authentic creativity captures something of the person creating it.   I sometimes think that has more value than the piece itself.  Obviously if you write something and it is poorly written and does not make sense, then you can’t excuse that with, but I wrote it, it’s personal, so it does not matter.   Because there is a skill in words and creating something with them.  But the authenticity of work that people read and go, wow, that captures me or something in me, is amazing.

Okay, this is another update coming to an end, feel free to comment and thank for the continued support and interaction.  If you want me to read something or look at your site, please let me know,


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