Men Are the Beasts – Written Monday 28th June 2021 (Aged 46)

Men Are the Beasts

women lack confidence
and men,
men have too much confidence
women look down
and avert their eyes
men remove their tops, thump their chest
and let out a battle cry
somehow and in some way
they are taught
to look the other way
it is an observation
rooted in long held notions of power
men are the beasts
women the wilting flowers
the women sleep like sundials
whilst men are up for hours
women lack confidence
and that it how they are conditioned
if it is allowed
over the years i have lived and i have noticed
the power of gender
and how it is often misquoted
men are the beasts
and they are far too rough
they are given privilege
that is always coarse to the touch
how sad it is, that society
should teach women to not speak up
and yet,
it never teaches men enough

James Garratt – Monday 28th June 2021

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