Happy Memories – Written Approx. Late 1993 or January 1994 (Aged 18)

Happy Memories

down town
where i used to go
the people have gone
the people i used to know
and where the memories –
no longer show
down to the place
where i used to live
the cottage in the country
i am going back
just the memories and me
down to the hole
in which i fell
where i took my soul
and i wanted to sell
all because,
i thought i had no worth
but i could not be a shell
my spirit had been given at birth
down town
to roads full of happier times
where is never seemed to rain
and the sun would always shine
i do not know where i have been
the ghost hides in the mind
and the people, they remain unseen

James Garratt – 1993/1994

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