Stepping Back – Written Monday 5th July 2021 (Aged 46)

Stepping Back

we confuse social media
with the real world
and we adjust, moods and feelings
to reflect that
opinion is not fact
and my day-to-day life
has meaningful contact

so, I’ve stepped back
if that indeed is the right phrase
there is,
strength and resilience in me
even if I doubt it
and I do not want to shout about it
i realise
the value of protecting me
and that suits me, perfectly

having deleted apps off my phone
i feel much less sad
and not so alone
it has stopped my sadness from deciding to roam
it is just me and my books
and my questionable looks
taking my well being off the hob
to ensure it does not boil over

James Garratt – Monday 5th July 2021

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