I Can See – Written Thursday 9th March 1995 (Aged 20)

I Can See

i can see stars,
i can see heaven
it is just beyond mars
and just beyond the galaxies
i cannot see our generation in the future
not you or me
i wonder, whilst we wait to descend –
into the perils of a multicoloured life
if this is not already the end
i can see everything now
at least, i think i can
but i do not like what i see
and least of all do i understand
i can see people falling off the edge
hiding in the cottages on the outside
just beyond the perimeter of death
they are just about alive
i can see nothing in space
i cannot see the golden age
just the future laid to waste
a future of magic and the mage
we will always go somewhere
but where are we going
it is out of the dense wood
is into the outer town suburbs
is it somewhere good?
or is it somewhere really absurd?

James Garratt – Thursday 9th March 1995

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