Swiftly Falling – Written Monday 6th March 1995 (Aged 20)

Swiftly Falling

swiftly falling through the air
like when you are in a dream
with nothing but blackness there
spiralling into a bottomless cavern
a soft haven
from a wicked and torn earth
a heart beating safely in a womb
is safe and protected
as any life you have
slowly waking up
taking time to think things through
seeing a figure
bent double,
gaunt with a welcoming smile
asking if you would rather dream for a while
you can be feeling really weak
this figure knows
there was safety in sleep
as the moon glows with your eyes closed
with thoughts to spare
swiftly falling through the air
without a single care
it knows life can be hard
and that sometimes, you would rather be there

James Garratt – Monday 6th March 1995

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