I Am Sure These Tigers Can Be Tamed – Written Tuesday 22nd November 2011 (Aged 36)

I Am Sure These Tigers Can Be Tamed

i am not an easy person
perhaps the jokes –
or the joke has gone too far
perhaps, ‘silly’
needs to be put back in the pickle jar
i am soft dreams
and jagged edges
i am twitching curtains
covering freshly cut hedges
i am not perfect
but perhaps the remarks promise more
it is like i have spent too long
mending damaged doors
i know that my touch offers comfort
and i try to trust and i try to change
i can only be meek
and say, it is how they hang your name
oh, it is life!
and life with ladles of thickly set blame
but i am sure these tigers –
these tigers can be tamed!

James Garratt – Tuesday 22nd November 2011

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