Cancer – Written January 2012 (Aged 36)


i dare not look at dates
i dare not look,
before the 8th december
and even the in-between
that is,
be-tween the 8th december
and the 3rd of january
it just leaves me clinging
suddenly, the suffering
at least it gives us a version –
of mum that is still alive

dead is dead
and everything after the 3rd january
seems so desolate
i look at dates in november
and though i know she was ill
she was still alive,
still mum
still with us

of course november was a prelude
to the horror that came
then… december
and now it will never be the same
november was just the introduction
to the weary battlefield of cancer
that wiped away all out hope
and then tore apart our lives
now, amongst this scarred landscape
all we can do, is cradle the pain inside

James Garratt – January 2012

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