Sleep Tight – Written Wednesday 25th January 2012 (Aged 36)

Sleep Tight

people appear to fear death
this culture, this society
it encourages us to be remote
but, as sad as it is,
it is part of life
we will all, no doubt
lose someone, who we love dearly
it is hard to celebrate life
when someone has died
when pain burns,
like a raging fire inside
but we have to remember the smile
the stubbornness
the vulnerability and the flaws
we remember the cakes
the cooking, that look… the cuddles
i remember being close
and reading books
i remember the fragility
even now, i do understand and accept
the fragility of life
sleep well,
we loved you with everything
and we love you now still
good night,
always with us, you sleep tight

James Garratt – Wednesday 25th January 2012

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