Okay? – Written Monday 23rd January 2012 (Aged 36)


people ask me if i am okay
i am not sure what, ‘okay’, is
how should i be feeling
where should i be in this process
who was so much a part of me
has left
and i am not sure what, ‘normal’, is
one day at a time
that seems just about fine
i know, if nothing else
this is a mountain to climb
i am not sure of the etiquette
or what i am meant to say
i feel like i am climbing family trees
and sliding away
only to fall upon my knees
some days i feel it less
and others, i feel it so much more
weighing me down like an anchor
people ask if i am okay
i guess i just have to feel
feel the grief, feel the loss
and slowly move on with life
knowing, knowing that eventually
dark will start to become light

James Garratt – Monday 23rd January 2012

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