Surprising Candidates – Written Monday 23rd January 2012 (Aged 36)

Surprising Candidates

i notice,
that my current situation
brings out in people –
who they really are
the surprising candidates
who offer support,
a comforting ear
the others, who ordinarily proclaim care
often do not seem that near
i notice that death is a person
gate crashing a party
that people never wanted to attend
its appetite hearty
but it is never a friend
i notice my situation
is not mine at all
it is shared by many
and i know,
we will all one day answers death’s calling
but i have always wanted
the bright and breezy
saying nothing at all
i know it is easy
but words go a long way
simple ones, but often profound
because in a time of death
the comfort needs to be found

James Garratt – Monday 23rd January 2012

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