They Ran Off and Joined the Circus – Written August 2021 (Aged 46)

They Ran Off and Joined the Circus

i think they fell in love with
but to my eyes
they ran off –
and joined the circus
performing an act
of cleverly hiding the truth
i wonder if it ever raised the roof?
it certainly left me –
responding on the hoof
and now, today –
many days from then
do they ever look back and think –
i could have had so much
i do know she used to write letters
but then reality lost touch
and i wonder –
did she retire from the circus?
did the travelling just become too much?
i still think, when it came to me
she did fall in love
but falling in love was not enough
and that is not what we are taught
park up, and comfort will be bought
and today does she ever think –
about her circus act
i will always think she fell in love with me
but i know she never looks back
even though we both own the same book
it is just they contain different facts

James Garratt – August 2021

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