Crucified – Written Tuesday 16th July 2002 (Aged 27)


we have been praying –
to a god for over two thousand years
and we have gone through every war
and every inhumane act possible
yet we still expect intervention
that a third person super being is tangible
we have been asking –
for over two thousand years
and if there is a god then they are telling us
that the solution will never be near
but until we look to ourselves –
and not this ridiculous somebody else
you must believe in yourself
and believe what s within
two thousand years since christ
and as we totter towards to yet another war
to this stupid suffering, no end is in sight
i know i said it before, but believe in yourself
believe what is within
put petty differences back in the box
put all these religions aside
believe in yourself,
and try to look a little deeper inside

James Garratt – Tuesday 16th July 2002

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