You Were Not There – Written Tuesday 7th September 2010 (Aged 35)

You Were Not There

you define me by a condition
yet i am human
you talk of me growing up
yet you were not there
so why do you say so much
when you were not there
why tell me,
when you never even cared
you define me by a condition
to suit your own needs
to clarify,
what you want to believe
what i really am remains remote
but who could storm the castle
surrounded by such a moat
you define me by a condition
that has not being proved
and even if it was, i am still me
is that why you always lose
i am human
and not a set of traits and symptoms
you misread on the internet
you should learn a little
look at overs and learn respect
your sanity is so brittle
and you emotions are just a mess

James Garratt – Tuesday 7th September 2021

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