Shared Ownership – Written January 2013 (Aged 37)

Shared Ownership

just me to think about?
is that what you said?
sadly not,
but then,
there is always detail forgotten
because through our kitchen window
i see our loss
going dutch,
we share the cost
and the father who never fathered
for once seems close
where as once, he was much further
and the person i love
is facing the hurdles –
that were put there long ago
by those who never managed –
to fix themselves or their lives
because they tore up their children
and now all she can do is cry inside
but i love her,
i lover her beauty
and no,
there are no children –
running around my feet
but we have all made choices in life
and this is the main presentation feature
just me to think about?
with time on my hands
oh my, oh dear, what a thing to say
some people will never understand

James Garratt – January 2013

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