Blueprint – Written Tuesday 10th June 1997 (Aged 22)


a blueprint for life –
does not fall readily to hand
if you want to know
you should really glow
but these days,
everything is worse than now
because i dreamt in reality
and windswept, i barely slept
then i split from my sanity
before i was finally laid to rest
a blueprint for life
isn’t in the palms of our hands
and the future is not in the lines
it is born with us –
and it’s within our grooves

i dreamt in reality
that i had a longing gaze
but i split from my sanity
in those much earlier days
now i just think –
looking for the symbolic
and for some it is the drink
but for me, i am a thinkaholic
perhaps looking for the blueprint
i dreamt in reality
on a beach some place far away
sowed by a different civilisation
to be used in what we see
sometime later we wept
i split from my sanity
and since then i have tried my best

James Garratt – Tuesday 10th June 1997

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