Bethlehem Angel – Written Thursday 7th October 2021 (Aged 46)

Bethlehem Angel

i have spent years –
flying under the radar
going unnoticed
and holding my breath
my genius never come home
under arrest,
leaving reality all alone
my big break
broke my back
of my interned fate
and i have spent my years
hoping for the arrival
of a bethlehem angel
one who has wings
and knows what songs to sing
genius has no comfort
and no gifts that it can bring
but find me,
a bethlehem angel
and i know this will work out
let me be,
what i dreamed i would be
when the crushing truth
first found me inside
and caused a leak in my roof
find me a bethlehem angel
to satisfy my holy wisdom tooth

James Garratt – Thursday 7th October 2021

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