Lean Into The Wind – Written Sunday 29th June 1997 (Aged 22)

Lean Into The Wind

i will jangle like handcuffs
around your wrists
but i am not chaining you down
and i am not a clown
and although i admit
i do hide somethings behind a smile
i will jangle like your favourite jewellery
but if i drink to forget
then i will start on the brewery
i am not holding you down
i have got to get out and move on
be a little better than the situation
do not disturb, i might read
but i fear i am already disturbed
and just a little perturbed –
at why you act like you do
there has been a little change recently
those winds are blowing
i cannot let them blow me down
i just stand up for myself
and lean into the winds of change
you are just a bitter taste now
something that is hard to swallow
and even harder to follow
everything must be on the mend
all you can do is lean into the wind

James Garratt – Sunday 29th June 1997

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