I Believed You – Written Sunday 29th June 1997 (Aged 22)

I Believed You

when you said you needed me –
as you stroked my face
i believed you
and when you said you wanted me
with my legs wrapped tightly around you
i believed you
i didn’t take it lightly
when you said you had been lonely
and that you had missed me
i really did believe you
when you laughed at my jokes
and when you said no one understood
that i was the only one who really did
and the only one who made you laugh
i believed you
when you said you needed me
it gave me so much
at least you said, we should be friends
but when the drink ends
and you sober up in the day
you suddenly realise what you said
you suddenly realise that
you cannot handle it that way
believing and hoping
is the last refuge that we have
when that is abused
it is going to be the end
and what a fool i was
you need me, but only to suit you
i can hurt like hell
but i guess it is alright, as long as you are well

James Garratt – Sunday 29th June 29th 1997

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